Improving your soft skills: five ways to be a better communicator

More and more employers say the skills most in demand aren’t necessarily technical qualifications but the personal qualities that enable teams to work together effectively – so-called “soft skills”.   In the last employer skills survey by the government, businesses said 66% of vacancies caused by skills shortages were due to a lack of soft [Read more…]

How do internet celebrities make money?

More young people would now like to be YouTubers than astronauts, one survey suggests. It’s a sign of just how well-established the career of social media influencer has become – at least for some of the industry’s biggest names.   The market for influencers worldwide was estimated to be worth £11.2bn last year. In the [Read more…]

Five factors that make a good boss

Great managers are like gold dust. A study by the research and consultancy company Gallup found that only about one in ten workers have the right qualities – and 82% of the time, companies promote the wrong person.   But Gallup also found that another one in five people have managerial talents and could become [Read more…]

The Power of Persuasion – Tips for Persuasive Writing

Being able to write persuasively is a powerful skill to master. Whether you’re writing an essay, a proposal, an article, a review, an advert, or even a letter to your MP, convincing your audience to side with your point of view is essential to success.   Here we outline some of the most effective ways [Read more…]