How to leave work stress behind when you get home

One unfortunate fact of life is that the more you succeed in your career, the more likely you are to bring work home work and all the stresses that come with it.   A University of Toronto study found that professionals “with more authority, decision-making latitude, pressure, and longer hours” were the most likely to find [Read more…]

Big news at CTK… introducing our Centres of Excellence

As CTK goes from strength to strength, we are really excited to share the news of our new Sixth Form Centres for Excellence, that are launching from September 2020.   CTK Aquinas in Brockley will become the area’s only Catholic A Level selective sixth form centre. CTK Aquinas will offer a choice of 23 A [Read more…]

Which jobs have the highest levels of happiness?

Choosing a job – or switching careers – is one of the biggest decisions we make. In a survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, people rated it as more significant than when to start a family, whether to get married or where to live.   It all makes sense: we spend nearly a third [Read more…]

How to hit the ground running after a career break

There are lots of reasons why you might have to put your career on pause for a while, whether it’s bringing up kids, taking care of elderly relatives or just pursuing a personal passion such as travel. And that means relaunching your career is increasingly a rite of passage. But that doesn’t make it easy: [Read more…]

Five tips for thriving as a part-time worker

Whether taking time for family responsibilities or combining work and study, more and more people are working part-time: recent figures show almost 8.5m workers have part-time hours, an increase of nearly 2m in the last 20 years. That flexibility is a big help, but it brings its own challenges: how can you make sure your [Read more…]